Finding Parts Just Got Easier

Take the headache out of searching for replacement parts with Partpic. This proprietary solution simplifies the search and purchase of replacement parts using visual recognition technology, eliminating inefficiencies caused by unknown part numbers and streamlining the purchasing process from start to finish.


Our proprietary technology simplifies the industrial parts search and sales process through:

Easy Integration

Partpic easily plugs into any company’s existing mobile app or website for seamless cross-platform functionality

Lightning Fast Image Search

Customers simply snap a picture of the part they want to replace to retrieve product names and specifications on the fly

Worry Free Purchasing

Increase efficiency and eliminate purchase errors by empowering sales reps to confirm and process orders at the click of a button.


Users can simply use Partpic’s patent pending technology to snap a picture and receive the name of the part they are looking for in seconds.


Partpic does all the heavy lifting by quickly scrubbing our database for identical parts. Using sophisticated extraction algorithms Partpic narrows the margin of error instantly.


Not sure where to find the part after it has been identified? No worries, Partpic locates the distributor that carries the part and creates a seamless purchase experience.

At Partpic, it is our mission to seamlessly facilitate the search and purchase of parts using visual technology.


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President Barack Obama poses for a photo with Jewel Burks and Jason Crain, Atlanta, Ga. of Partpic, while hosting top innovators and startup founders from across the country for the first White House Demo Day, Aug. 4, 2015, in the State Dinning Room of the White House in Washington. Partpic allows customers to take a picture of a part they want to replace and automatically receive product name, specifications, and supplier information. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

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[Partpic] @PartpicRT @KasimReed: @jewelmelanie @Partpic President @BillClinton could not say enough good things about you during lunch. You made @HowardU pro…2 days ago
Kasim Reed @KasimReed@jewelmelanie @Partpic President @BillClinton could not say enough good things about you during lunch. You made @HowardU proud today.#CGI2 days ago
Jewel Burks @jewelmelanieThank you Mayor @KasimReed for all you do to make it easy for us to #ChooseATL! Cc: @chooseATL @Partpic days ago
Christian Devlin @cdev20Great to see @Partpic CEO & Atlanta Tech Leaders Advisory Board member @jewelmelanie on stage with Bill Clinton days ago
Adrienne J Media @AdrienneJMediaInspired by our fellow #Atlanta business owner @jewelmelanie. Congrats to you and @Partpic on your success! days ago
WICERS @WICERSATLProud to see @jewelmelanie CEO of @Partpic & #WICERS2015 speaker share her knowledge during @clintonglobal. #cgi2016 days ago
m-oracle @m__oracleYes Jewel! @Partpic Jewel Burke speaking on small bus investment & action needs in Atlanta #FemaleEntrepreneurs days ago
Civic Innovation @civicatlanta@Partpic had to go outside of Atlanta to get their first investment. We need to change that, Atlanta. Let's bet on our own talent! #CGI20162 days ago
Noah Geisel @SenorGAt 23, @jewelmelanie bootstrapped w $40k of own money to start @partpic. Partnered w HigherEd/mentors to "put together pieces" #cgi20162 days ago
alexamouyel @alexamouyel@Partpic jewel burks amazing on opening plenary telling her story of starting up @ClintonGlobal #CGI2016 days ago
Krista Jahnke @kristajahnkeNew inspiration alert! @Partpic entrepreneur, 26-year-old CEO Jewel Burks. #CGI2016 days ago
Civic Innovation @civicatlanta@jewelmelanie take about the fact that @Partpic chooses to be in Atlanta. Proud she does. #ChooseATL2 days ago
Alexis King @lexbthinkingLoving @jewelmelanie's honesty to the challenges she faced trying to raise capital as a under 30 black woman! #CGI2016 @Partpic2 days ago
Civic Innovation @civicatlantaATLien @jewelmelanie of @Partpic sharing her entrepreneurial journey next to Pres @billclinton on stage at #cgi2016 days ago
Civic Innovation @civicatlantaLooks like president @billclinton is throwing down an A-town sign with our very own @jewelmelanie of @Partpic days ago
Civic Innovation @civicatlantaSandy Douglas of @CocaCola and @jewelmelanie of @Partpic representing Atlanta on stage at #CGI20162 days ago
[Partpic] @PartpicRT @TracyZimmerman: Amazing panel #CGI2016. @ianbremmer @EurasiaGroup Jewel Burks @Partpic Sandy Douglas @CocaCola Shirley Jackson @rpi htt…2 days ago

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